Dymot Vertical Gravity Solution

Dymot Engineering Company offers a Vertical Gravity Fixed Installation Solution that makes the need for Mobile Cranes for Conveyor Belt Maintenance a thing of the Past.

This clever system is a fixed type Solution with a balancing counterweight that always maintains rope tension to the winch.

A Typical Layout is displayed below:

Typical Operation Philosophy:

The Conveyor Counterweight is used to Tension the Conveyor Belt.
As the Conveyor Belt Stretches, the Counterweight lowers to keep Tension on the Belt.

The Winch remains stationary and the rope from the Slack Rope Counterweight is taken to account for this movement. The function of the Slack Rope Counterweight is to ensure that tension is kept on the rope so that a slack rope condition does not occur.

The same amount of rope falls should be on the Slack Rope Counterweight as on the Main Counterweight. This is to ensure the magnitude of rope travel is equal in both.

When Maintenance needs to be done on the Conveyor Belt, The Winch reels in the rope to remove the Tension from the Conveyor Belt.
This will cause the Slack Rope Counterweight to Lift Up Vertically and bottom out against the stopper.
As no further upward Movement is possible the Main Counterweight will Lift Up Vertically and remove the Tension form the Conveyor.
The Counterweight can now be locked or secured and Maintenance can be done.

The removal of the Mobile Crane saves cost and is a safer solution as it removes the requirement of a person to hook this counterweight.

The solution can be adapted to any Conveyor Belt utilising a Vertical Gravity Take-Up.



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