MECH System



Avoid tension changes due to uncontrolled starting and stopping.

The DYMOT take-up winch c/w friction clutch used in conjunction with the electronic tension controller, variable frequency winch drive and the DYMOT hydraulic low tension protection can react to and accommodate all starting and stopping conditions encountered in the modern high speed conveyor.

This includes transient shock loads caused by unplanned stops and power failures the winch and the electronic tension controller take care of the normal running and pre-start tensions.

The friction clutch controls any over tension loads or spikes by allowing the mechanical drive to slip immediately reduce the overload tension by slipping rope into the system thereby reducing the tension.

When the opposite occurs and low tensions are created this is immediately rectified by the fast retraction of the extended cylinder removing rope from the system thereby restoring the correct tension in the belt. This is the only system other than gravity which can make adjustments to the fluctuating belt tension without continuous power.

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