Automatic Tension Control BTS DOL

tension control

DYMOT ENGINEERING has developed an electronic tension control system specifically for conveyors that require tension adjustments periodically without human intervention.
Suitable for Short to Medium Lengths Belts. Approximately up to 1000m.


● Constant Tension Monitoring.
● Compact Design.
● Pre-Tension and Running Tension Set points.
● Provision for Trolley Limits.
● Re-Transmission


● I.P. 65 Double Door Enclosure & Lockable Isolator.
● DOL Contactors & Motor Protection.
● Control Transformer + Protection
● Brake Contactor + Protection.
● Power Supply + Protection.
● PLC Fully Programmed with H.M.I. Panel Mounted Touch Screen for operator information and control.
● Emergency Stop Button, Auto or Manual Key Switch, FWD/REV Push Buttons.
● Remote P.L.C. Interposing Relays.

The Dymot DOL BTS consists of Contactor Control that offers Periodic adjustment of tension via  a loadcell that feed back to the PLC consistently to maintain the required Belt Tension.

The Belt Tension will be set via the HMI to the required tensions.
– Pre Start Tension
– Running Tension (T2)

Manual Operation for Tensioning or Slacking the Belt for Maintenance or Emergency Condition comes Standard via a Key Switch.

The HMI will display the Belt Tension in both static and operational modes.

Once the Main Belt is at speed or per the time factor (settable) the System will maintain the running tension.

When the Main Belt is stopped the tension will be released via the VFD to a pre-set point normally the running tension.

4-20mA  or 0-10V output to allow retransmission of the Load Cell value to a remote PLC or SCADA System.


● Pre-Start Tension
● Running Tension
● Manual Control
● Fault Monitoring
● Over Tension Trip
● Under Tension Trip
● Recording via HMI
● Communication to Plant

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