20 Ton Dymot Belt Tensioning Winch System – VFD

Dymot was fortunate to manufacture and supply a 18.5kW/20 Ton Automatic Take Up Winch System for conveyor tensioning to one of the biggest copper mines in the world.

The system comprises of 1 x 20 Ton Dual Rope Winch and Sheave Blocks with a complete control system and a custom Pin Loadcell mounted in the central sheave.

● Controlled Starting via VFD.
● Mechanical Life of Winch and related equipment prolonged.
● Less Power Consumption as Torque is limited in the Drive.
● Almost No Brake Wear as the Motor will be held under full Torque at 0Hz when Brake is applied for Parking.
● Faster Response due to the Winch Active in Startup – Pre Tension Phase.
● Tension controlled more precisely – Drive speed automatically adjusts in relation to Torque Level.
● PID control ensures instant response.
● Tension Logging in HMI – Trend Graph and csv file.
● Fault Finding Screens built into HMI.
● Proven Reliability.
● Double Door Panel for component Protection.
● Various Communication Protocols.

Dual Rope Systems is an advantage if space is limited and high tensions is required.

With multiple reeving a smaller rope can be utilized which reduces sheaves sizes.

For custom Belt Tensioning Systems please contact us for more information.



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