Take Up Winches

The DYMOT range of power take-up winches have been specially developed for use on long overland and underground conveyors and are ideally suited for use with automatic tensioning systems. The unique design, using a combination of worm and epicyclic gears offer numerous advantages over the conventional designs.

The new design uses a failsafe disc brake with IP65 protection; this overcomes the problem previously encountered with rust which resulted in high maintenance and brake failure.

This design has also eliminated the need for a brake drum type coupling through the use of a double input shaft primary gearbox.


  • The combination of gears provides for greater mechanical protection due to the use of high ratio worm gears which will help to resist runaways in the event of a brake failure.
  • The use of a separate motor and brake allows the winch to remain locked in position while a failed motor is repaired.
  • The epicyclic final gear presents a massive face width of gear tooth to withstand the shock loads which can be encountered during belt start-up.
  • The design and style of these winches are very compact, thus allowing easy positioning of the winch in the conveyor structure.
  • The take-up winch speeds can be varied to suit customer’s requirements by simply changing the worm gear ratios.


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