Take Up Winches Overload Protection

This new development has many exciting and advantageous prospects for both our current and new customers who are using or intend using our automatic take-up winches.


  • Controlled mechanical overload payout during starting and stopping of automatically controlled conveyors.
  • It offers instantaneous reactions to tension spikes thus protecting and extending the life of the belt, belt pulleys, idlers, tensioning rope, sheaves and the winch.
  • Dissipation of tension spike energy by allowing the winch to payout, at a preset tension level, even when the brakes are locked. This enables us to simulate one of the big advantages of a gravity take-up system within an automatic tension controlling system.
  • This mechanical payout system is the only method, besides gravity, that can provide overload protection/response during a power off/failure or emergency stop condition.
  • By using this new innovative design the customer enjoys the benefit of instantaneous and fast reaction in overload situations while retaining the benefit of slow speed operation during normal running for easy adjustment.
  • All these advantages are achieved at a very cost effective rate.
  • Because the system is fitted to the low speed side of the winch, maintenance and maintenance costs will be kept to a minimum.
  • This system is available on both our single speed and two speed take-up winches.
  • Existing winches can be upgraded with this system.
  • Winch sizes as per standard take-up winches length will increase due to clutch assembly added.


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