Who We Are?

Our Mission

Designers and Manufacturers of Reliable and Quality Winches and Associated Equipment Since 1965.

Dymot Engineering Specializes in the Design and Manufacture of a full range of Winches and Winching Equipment for a variety of winching application.

Product Offering

Dymot’s main area of expertise is winches for conveyor tensioning applications.

Our Automatic Take-Up Systems are widely used in the mining industry and involve using electric winches, strain gauges and programmable electronic controllers to control the start up and running tensions on any conveyor.

These systems are extensively used underground where the conventional gravity tensioning systems are difficult to accommodate.

Our Safety Hand Winch range employs an automatic clamping and ratchet type brake that is never disengaged thus ensuring complete safety when raising or lowering a load.

These winches are extensively used on gravity counter weight tensioning systems for conveyors.

Dymot also specialises in Rail Car Moving Systems (both endless rope & single type), Hydraulic Winches, Rope Sheaves and Grease Pumps.

Dymot have designed and manufactured large Barge moving winches for mining plants and Mill Rotating Winches.

Dymot have also manufactured a range of Stage and Construction Winches for Shaft Sinking and Tower Building/Sliding applications.

Quality Assurance

All winches are load tested and issued with test certificates.

Our test equipment is calibrated to National Standards.

Dymot has full traceability of all components through our in house QA system, which is Certified under ISO 9001:2015.

Winch hire is also available through Dymot, we have a range of Electric, Hydraulic, Diesel Powered and Hand Winches available.