Belt Reelers

Modern Mining have created a demand to handle longer and wider belts. With less splicing preferred conveyor belts are shipped in longer lengths and equipment required to handle these are required.

DYMOT ENGINEERING has developed Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Reelers that can handle narrow to wide belts and can be handled with one unit that is adjustable for various belt widths.
This is a great advantage for each mine as one unit can service most conveyors on site.


● Single Units
● Dual Units (with Torque and Speed Control)
● Braked Units
● Storage Stands


● VFD for Speed regulation.
● Control Panel with easy operational Buttons.
● Local/Remote Feature with either Pendant/Wireless.
● Dual Reelers VFD – Torque Setting for Controlled Pay Out
● Skid Mounted Unit – Easily Moved On-Site.
● Shaft runs in Vesconite Bushing – No Lubrication Required.
● Bushing Blocks Swings Open for Shaft/Reel Removal.
● Quick Lift Out Shaft Coupling – No Bolting.
● Centralising Guides (Optional)
● Park Brake on Motor.
● Adjustable Belt Width Locators on Shaft.
● Anchoring Points in Base.
● Proven Reliability.
● Double Door Panel for component Protection.
● Stairs and Hand Railing for Bushing Access.

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