Dymot Mill Rotation Winches

mill rotation winch

When installing ball mills the installation is complex as an unbalanced loading due to liners and rotors make handling this heavy equipment challenging.

This system comprises of HE400 Mill Rotating Hydraulic Winches to be used to rotate grinding mills during installation in pairs with a Hydraulic Power Pack.
The mill rotating winches are used to rotate the mills during installation.

Two winches will be placed with their drum axis parallel to the mill axis, one on each side of the mill. Each winch wire rope will wrap over the top and around the mill once and fixed to the mill shell.

Both winches shall be powered by a single hydraulic power pack and a single control station (i.e. One operator controls both winches). The hydraulic circuit is designed to allow each winch to be operated independently. The operator will control the speed of each winch, varying the haul and payout accordingly to maintain cable tension and prevent mill overrun.

The HE400 hydraulic winch is an increasing speed hydraulic winch which can reel rope in and out and has a safe working load of 250kN.
There are two main function selections for each winch; Low Speed and High Speed.
The winches are purpose built for this application solving one of the great challenges in Mill Maintenance and Installation.

Dymot have supplied 4 systems to Zambia, 3 systems to Panama and 1 system to Mauritania.



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