Going Green by Saving Energy in Conveyor Tension Automated Systems

Dymot together with its Standard Brands of Equipment is reducing Energy consumption on mines all over the world.

Governments have already introduced energy saving targets and are putting legislation and regulations in place to ensure they are met.

Dymot Winches & Sheaves

Our Winches are becoming more efficient by using the latest technologies in manufacturing techniques and gearbox selection and some winches are running above 90% efficiency. These purpose built winches are fitted with Bearings which ensures less maintenance, less power consumption and extended life.

Dymot Sheaves are running with Bearings for Maximum Efficiency.

Electric Motors

When selecting Electric Motors our BTS Automatic Systems are paired with IE3 Motors that are Top Premium Efficiency and reduce energy consumption. They also have Class H insulation that is well suited for VFD operation.

Variable Frequency Drives

Energy Efficient Motor Control with Variable Frequency Drives

Invertek Drives are leading the way in helping reduce energy consumption and significantly reduce energy bills with their range of innovative Optidrive variable speed drives.  Optidrives allow highly energy efficient control of electric motors in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications around the world. Optidrive variable speed frequency drives help match motor speeds to the exact requirements of each application, saving energy and providing improved control.

Optidrive variable speed frequency drive energy optimisation features:

Variable speed frequency drives within the Optidrive range offer an advanced optimisation function that intelligently matches energy usage to load to ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency.

Optidrive AC drives can also monitor energy usage with an inbuilt energy consumption meter that allows energy consumption to be clearly displayed and savings to be calculated.

Control Philosophy

Dymot’s control philosophy in controlling the tension is based on torque control over a PID Loop.

So adjustments are made if and when required but our winch power is shut off during non-adjustment periods resulting in only standby mode with the PLC, HMI and Loadcell powered.

Dymot is continually improving and developing advanced systems in the bulk materials handling and is an exporter of choice to more than 50 countries in the world.



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