Dymot Barge Positioning Winch Advances

DYMOT Engineering prides itself in being a front runner in winching by constantly adapting to the latest technologies available on the market.

This is evident in the newest developments on offer with our plant manoeuvring winches. These winches complete with the swivel sheaves, were specially designed and developed for accurate positioning of plants or barges.

They are extensively used in the mineral separation mining industry on ponds at Richards Bay, Mozambique, Madagascar and Egypt.

The winches are designed to operate in three winching modes:

  • “Reel In” – The full power of the winch is used to reel in the rope thereby moving the plant in the direction in which the rope pulls it.
  • “Drag Out” – The winch allows controlled pay-out of rope from the dragged winch when moving the plant.
  • “Free Spool” – The winch allows rope to be pulled off the drum under a light applied load.

The industry standard is to use band brakes on both the winch drum and overload protection clutch to accomplish these operation modes. This configuration requires a great deal of maintenance to ensure that the band brakes operate optimally. These winches also utilised a manual lock pin device for maintenance operations.

Dymot has upgraded this design by removing the band brakes and replacing it with a disc brake system. The disc brakes utilise calliper disc brakes which are failsafe spring applied – hydraulically released. The brakes are controlled with a power pack which is controlled through a PLC or LCS. The braking and slipping points can be set much more precisely and the set point repeatability is much greater.

The locking pin has also been modified to an automated system. The pin is engaged and disengaged using a hydraulic cylinder and operated from the power pack.

Dymot has successfully manufactured and commissioned the upgraded disc brake winch systems and achieved optimal success and acclaim from our clients.



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