Dymot Conveyor Belt Pulling Winches

Conveyor Belts are fast becoming longer, wider and heavier.

Dymot offers a range of Belt Puling Winches for this exact need.

Dymot‘s Belt pulling Winches are available in either DOL (Direct Online) for slower winches or VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) for faster winches.
By utilising the VFD the winches can be inched or run at full speed to achieve a faster pull in rate.

Typically the winches take between 500m to 1000m of Steel Wire Rope on the drum and range between 4.5 Tons & 30 Tons Capacity.

Bespoke or Special winches can be designed and manufactured to accommodate either more rope capacity or higher tension capacities.

The rope is reeled through the conveyor system in place of the belt and then attached to the belt end and reeled in by operating the winch. Once in place the belt is spliced and the belt can be run.
This can be a fixed installation or a Skid Mounted Unit that is movable to cover multiple belts on one site.

Dymot is and has been involved with a large majority of Mining Projects and we have products supplied to more than 50 countries worldwide.



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